Hauganes Hot Tubs

The black beach in the small village Hauganes in North Iceland has been the playground for kids in the area for a long time. It happens to be the only accessible sandy-beach in North Iceland that faces the sun in the south. Because it is very shallow far out, the black sand heats the ocean on sunny days so the Atlantic ocean even feels comfortable. A few years back we set up a couple of hot tubs on the beach that use the access geothermal water from the village and it truly is a magical place to relax whether on sunny days in June or cold winter days, listening to the ocean and the birds and enjoying the magnificent ocean and mountain view.

There are changing facilities and a shower close by, the WC is at the camping area only a short distance from the beach. Please note that you now need a bracelet to access the Hot tubs. The bracelet costs ISK 1.200 kr per person per day and is available at Baccalá bar. A mask is included. The hot tub area is open from 8-22 and after 10pm they are cooled down and it is not permitted to use them. Please contact us at Baccalá bar via phone, 620 1035 if there are any questions. The area is under surveillance but each person is there on their own responsibility. Thank you for helping us to keep it clean!